Raul D. Arellano



Painted in oil by Raul Deodato Arellano
SCREAM, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, c. 2016

Raul Deodato Arellano's SCREAM is a quartet of screams. It is a chorus, as in Greek tragedy, of agon and strophes in lament. Against a blue both lyrical yet cold, the figures in his painting are waves that cry out the spirits under the waves: the drowned. It evokes with its swooping rising movement the desire to live, and crying out their histories: the drowned boats with migrants in them trying to cross. Two creatures rise up as waves but in transformation of their shape they become wave becoming cradle becoming boat, child, embodying spirits of the damned, screaming out their histories in remembrance. Think Vietnam, think Syria, think the boat people. Think the crossing into Hades and shadows while the indifferent transponders of the powers watch, waiting to strike. Here, think the silent scream of the dead, swallowing stars to be remembered...and the light that is now fire of burning cities. ~ Anton Juan  09/15/2016 

Painted in oil by Raul Deodato Arellano
SCREAM (detail)


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